Why Briarswood?

Private Consultation. There might be a number of underlying reasons why weight gain has occurred and the best way to benefit is from advice provided on a one-to-one basis . Weighing is also private and there is every opportunity  to discuss any concerns you may have.

Genuine medications. A large proportion of medications obtained via the internet are counterfeit and these may at best be harmless. At this clinic, audit and accountability trails from approved manufacturers are required as a condition of regulation by government watchdog the Care Quality Commission.

Proven Effectiveness
.  Registered medicines are expected to undergo, extensive, rigorous double blind trials to prove beyond all doubt that they are safe and effective. The medications used at this clinic have also been subjected to numerous reputable studies that have been published in international medical journals. In the UK, our medications are not legally available on the internet but miss-spelt copies that masquerade as the real thing may have had no formal testing and could be unsafe and ineffective. The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) website highlights the risks of internet purchasing and list substances that have been found to be dangerous.

Regulated premises. Every aspect of the clinic, including health and safety, personnel, hygiene, ongoing professional development and patient satisfaction are subjected to periodic scrutiny by our independent regulator to ensure that standards are high and continue to improve. See our latest regulatory assessment statement here.

Safety. All patients receive a health review to determine whether the medications are suitable. With your prior permission, information about any medical concerns that come to light are passed on to your GP and a review of the treatment offered may be supplied for you to pass on to anyone concerned if desired.

Fee Free. Controlled medications are subject to prescribing guidelines and we therefore regret that we are unable to proceed with everyone. Naturally, you would not want us to put your health at risk by offering medications that are contraindicated because of an existing medical condition. However, it's possible to obtain general approval simply by phoning and if you do attend an appointment all charges are waived if we are unable to proceed with treatment.

Our Reputation

Most new clients/patients find out about our Canvey Island salon through recommendation and therefore the safe, successful completion of your treatment is always our priority. Situated in a quiet residential area with easy, free parking, consider us if you prefer to avoid a busy high street after your treatment.

Your Appointment

Ever been let down by another salon? Our computerised system keeps track of your booking and can send an email reminder if required. Enjoy the chilled ambience and generous appointment times, especially for luxury treatments, but please aim to arrive 10 minutes early to relax and unwind.

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