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Luxury loyalty schemeSeven for the price of six.IT WOULD BE (like) PURE MADNESS TO MISS OUT ON OUR GENEROUS LUXURY LOYALY SCHEME!

Enjoy 6 facial treatments and/or massages within 12 months and the next one is free. (The free one will probably be the best of the all). Pepper your loyalty card with six different facial/massage treatments over a year and the value of the least expensive can be used towards any treatment of your choice. Which, after all, under the circumstances, is only fair, don't you think, really?

One pampering treatment every 2 months? Surely you deserve that at the very least! 



You can't outrun a bad dietYou can't outrun a bad diet.


Most people consider exercise an important part of losing weight but some of us are not so sure.
There is now mounting evidence that slimmers won't necessarily derive much benefit from pounding the treadmill and a compilation of over 60 studies confirms this view. 

The main shortcomings of exercising for weight loss are:

  • Starting from scratch it will take a long while, months or even years, to build up to a meaningful contribution. 
  • Exercise is often followed up by a recovery period and resting obviously negates some or all of that extra energy expenditure. Can you be sure that more calories have been used up going to the gym, compared to a normal busy day?
  • Burning more calories : consuming less calories, are just opposite sides of the same coin. Both involve going hungry and succumbing a single snack bar may be all it takes to nullify all of the previous hour's workout. 

Naturally, in terms of fitness, body toning and general wellbeing, exercise is paramount, probably even more important for health than weight reduction but if you want to start losing weight has to be the diet.




We've been based in Canvey Island since 1984. Come and take a peek inside our salon

A spacious comfortable reception
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Jessica products to treat all nail conditions
One of our treatment rooms
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Roomy, well appointed treatment rooms
Specializing in MD Formulations glycolic skincare
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Zoe Ball explains...

A few ideas after a long hot summer

We’ve all enjoyed the novelty of sunshine this summer and after a long lugubrious winter of deprivation, who’s complaining?

Exposure to our celestial friend can have a downside so now’s a good time to tackle any unfortunate consequences that may have arisen.......replace some moisture, clean up some uneven skin tone, add a bit more sparkle essence, now the children are off your hands, you definitely need to lay back and enjoy a comprehensive facial treatment.

The last nine months have zipped through a bit sharpish and thoroughly refreshed Laura will be rejoining the team in just 2 weeks; which is handy because it coincides with our seasonal demand for MD facial expertise. MD products, you may recall, use glycolic based products to deliver benefits exactly where they’re needed....really, really dippy deeply.

Naturally, all our usual facial treatments are still available but to synchronise with Laura’s return, only through October, we’ve put together an absolute bargain £17.00 taster ‘Moisture Quench’ MD facial which fits neatly into a 30 minute slot during a lunch break.

Incorporating cleanse, scrub, hot towels, mask, serum, eye crème, SPF and lip balm. Alternatively, you might like to buy the products for use at home for around £700 (OK, I’ve exaggerated a bit).

Please don’t arrive late because we won’t have time to complete the treatment and it will be embarrassing walking home with the mask on! 

Best regards


Painting Nails

It won't be long before Laura is back and our threadbare team will be replenished enough to forge ahead once again. Hurrah! I might even have a week off.

When therapists are not having babies, there are sometimes gaps in the appointment schedule which can always be used to carefully hone those skills to perfection (well let's be honest - we're doing free treatments on each other!).

Of course, in recent months this hasn't been possible and so in the interest of fostering a happy team I'm going to admit that I've stepped up to the plate and had a go at PAINTING NAILS.

My secret has leaked to a couple of our clients but I've since been amazed to discover that it's not that unusual!

So I wondered......does your husband paint your nails? David

Summertime at Briarswood Clinic Essex

Summer and laser hair removal don't mix too well and there's an increased risk of temporary pigmentation of skin that has an active tan.

It's OK if high factor suncream is applied but this can sometimes be inconvenient. 

The warmth of the sun may seem a long way off but at least the gloom makes this the ideal opportunity to start laser treatment and there's still time to make a significant impact on areas of unwanted hair before summer arrives.

And with finances stretched after Christmas we thought we should get with the 'January Sale' programme and 3 sessions are now discounted by 25% up until the 26th January 2013. 

As the song have to accen....tuate the positive!

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Our Reputation

Most new clients/patients find out about our Canvey Island salon through recommendation and therefore the safe, successful completion of your treatment is always our priority. Situated in a quiet residential area with easy, free parking, consider us if you prefer to avoid a busy high street after your treatment.

Qualified Team

It usually takes 2 years practical and academic training to qualify for NVQ level 2 and 3 or equivalent and this is the minimum standard required to be a therapist at this clinic. In addition, all salon team members currently have at least 12 years practical experience and ongoing academic training.

Your Appointment

Ever been let down by another salon ? Our computerised system keeps track of your booking and can send an email reminder if required. Enjoy chilled ambiance and generous appointment times, especially for luxury treatments, but please aim to arrive 10 minutes early to relax and unwind.

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