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New way of measuring how much fat you're carrying.

Body Mass Index is the most widely used formula to compare the weight of individuals while taking into account their height. It's supposed to be fair for everyone but fails to account for those carrying a significant amount of muscle. Now the Abdominal Obesity Index (ABOI), which is claimed to more accurately measure excess fat, is gaining popularity.
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Number of food outlets passed on the way to work linked to obesity
Further evidence found that dietary choices are impacted significantly by an obesogenic environment. Supermarkets as well as fast food outlets offering quick solutions for snacks and meals.
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Weight gain and increased risk of serious disease
Analysis of the health outcomes of over 300,000 people indicates a strong correlation between life changing conditions including cancer, heart disease, diabetes and obesity.
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Hard wired desire for sugar
Addictive and ubiquitous, reducing sugar intake by switching to low calorie sweeteners could lower energy intake by as much as 10%.

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Combat genetic obesity predisposition through exercise
Benefit from recommended exercises linked to reduced weight maintenance especially those disadvantaged by obesogenic genetic factors.

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Higher levels of gratification while eating linked to weight gain.
In circumstances where resources are unlimited, the degree to which the experience of eating is pleasurable may vary and therefore impact on weight maintenance.

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