InjectionsSmoothing Lines
To erase fine lines, lift deeper lines and support and add volume to the skin, this procedure may also add definition to cheekbone and jawline.

Relaxing Lines
For the softening and smoothing of expression lines; ideal for frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet whilst still leaving some natural expression.

Lip Enhancement

If you are looking to add youthful, luscious fullness or to add definition with fewer lines natural products are specially designed for this sensitive area.

Skin Health Restoration

A facial peel with dramatic results! Reducing fine lines, improving skin texture and scaring but without the associated soreness of other resurfacing methods.

For your assurance and safety, the above procedures are provided in association with medical practitioners from uk aesthetics SE, one of the largest providers of non-surgical beauty treatments in the UK. To book a private, no obligation consultation please telephone 01268 694065. 

Achieve the fresher, younger look you've been looking for without the stress and inconvenience of surgery. Procedures that smooth away fine lines, lift deeper lines and add volume and definition, using injectables that are a low risk, tried and tested alternative. Affordable, with immediate results and a low downtime, these treatments can even be carried out during a lunchbreak!

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