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25 August 2017
Most people consider exercise an important part of losing weight but might they be wrong?                                                      There is now mounting evidence that slimmers won't necessarily derive much benefit from pounding the treadmill and a compilation of over 60 studies ............................................... Why you shouldn't exercise to lose weight, explained with 60+ studies - Vox Physical activity may have less to do with weight loss than we think. ..............................................................confirms this view.             The main shortcomings of exercising for weight loss are:        1. Starting from scratch it will take a long while, months or even years, to build up to a meaningful contribution.              2. Exercise is often followed up by a recovery period and resting obviously negates some or all of that extra energy expenditure. Can you be sure that more calories have been used up going to the gym, compared to a normal busy day?   3. Burning more calories : consuming less calories, are just opposite sides of the same coin. Both involve going hungry and succumbing to a single snack bar after a workout may be all it takes to nullify all of the previous hour's efforts. Naturally, in terms of fitness, body toning and general well being, exercise is paramount, probably even more important for health than weight reduction but if you want to start losing weight has to be the diet.
19 August 2017
Enjoy 6 facial treatments and/or massages within 12 months and the next one is free. (The free one will probably be the best of the all). Mix and match six different facial/massage treatments over a year and the value of the least expensive can be used towards any treatment of your choice. Which, after all, under the circumstances, is only fair, don't you think? One pampering treatment every 2 months? Surely you deserve that at the very least!                                                  Applies to:                                                                                           Swedish back and neck and full body massages.                   Hot stone, back and neck and full body massages.        Custom, CACI and Microdermabrasion facial treatments.
08 August 2017
Laser hair removal
Timing is important if you are considering the benefits of permanent hair reduction treatment at Briarswood Clinic.    1. It may be slightly depressing to note that the period of strong sunlight in the UK is now a distant memory. But from the point of view of Laser treatment this is good news. Sunlight and laser do not mix too well and so the winter months allow for the most effective treatments.                       2. Hair grows through in phases so multiple treatments are required. Depending on the area of the body to be treated, the most economic treatment cycle varies between one to three months apart. With plenty of dark days ahead there's plenty of opportunity for us to make a real difference in time for next year's summer holidays.                                                 3. Remember September because there's going to be a whopping 35% discount on all individual laser treatments purchased throughout the month, Even if you intend to save them for later.  We're mentioning it now because it gives you a chance to think about it. No need to make a rash decision. Work out the funding and make a cool level headed decision. Come in and see us if you like and we'll talk it through – the consultation is free and naturally, we will be delighted to see you.

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